The topic for this paper is eating disorders relating to health psychology.

The topic for this paper is eating disorders relating to health psychology.

Write an empirical paper based on a specific topic or theme related to health psychology. It can be related to a topic covered this semester, but this is not required. This article can be a review, meta-analysis, or empirical study. You will then be required to find at least NINE other research articles RELATED TO the first article you chose. . IMPORTANT: Your additional nine research articles should be health psychology interventions or clinical trial studies. This means that a psychological treatment protocol is being tested to help patients. You will need to answer specific questions and provide the required information listed below, and your paper should be organized according to this structure.

The goal of the paper is to compare and contrast the research methodology and results of the journal articles you find.

You will also need to follow APA style for this assignment (10 points). This means that you should have a cover page with appropriate running head, title, and headers. In the written component of your paper, you should have appropriate margins, header, page numbers, and in-text citations of your research papers in APA style. You should also include a “references” page with all ten of your research papers written in correct APA style. The final paper should be at least 3 to 5 double-spaced pages using Arial, 12-point font. You can find assistance with APA style at the Purdue OWL website: You may also wish to contact a Mabee librarian for assistance with correct APA style. Paper Sections and Required Information: 1) Introduction (10 points)—introduce the theme/topic of your paper, by giving a summary of your key/springboard article (this can be a review, meta-analysis, or empirical study). Explain why this topic is interesting/important to you. 2) Research methodology (20 points)—compare and contrast the methods used in each of the nine empirical articles you found related to your key article. This section should describe how the studies were set up to answer each of the researchers’ questions. Describe what the research questions and hypotheses were, and how the researchers tested those ideas. Discuss how the methodologies were similar and different. 3) Research Findings (20 points)—compare and contrast what each research study found. How were the findings of the nine studies similar to each other and how were they different? 4) Implications (20 points)—what findings were most interesting? Why? Which findings do you think are most likely to benefit society? Why? What findings were surprising? What criticisms do you have of any of the studies? What were the limitations of any of the research studies? 5) Future Study (10 points)—if you could design any health psychology study you desired if you had unlimited resources, what would it look like? What would you want to study? How would it be different than the studies you selected? Why would your study be important? 6) Conclusion (10 points)—briefly summarize the research of ALL the articles you found. In your closing 1-2 sentences, leave the reader with a “take home” message that you want remembered about the research articles you read.

If proper grammar and clarity is lacking in any of the sections above, points will be deducted according to instructor discretion. Please proofread and edit your final document. It is advantageous to have someone else read your document for errors. The writing center at Mabee library would be a great place to consult regarding editing needs.

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